• July 21, 2024

What You Need to Know About Easel Stands

Working with a quality easel stand is important especially if you are a professional. Indeed, an easel stand can cost quite a lot. But since it is a long term investment, supposedly it is worth it. Since you are expected to use it for a long time, you should definitely make sure that you get an easel stand that is the perfect fit for you. You can also get more than one type of easel stand if you are a versatile artist who works with various types of medium and canvas sizes. Just make sure that you understand the uses of each type of easel and use it the way it is meant to be. To get more information you may contact Kiasu Rubber Stamp Maker for some advice. 

Before you decide on an easel stand to buy, of course you will have to at least know the medium that you mostly work with and the size of canvas that you prefer as well as whether or not you are required to be mobile for your work. 

Lyre easel stand, or also known as A frame easel stand or tripod easel stand is one of the easiest to find easel stands because it is affordable, quite sturdy, lightweight, and easy to transport. If you are required to move here and there for painting, then this one is great. It is not difficult to set up and definitely adjustable. It can be easily folded and stored, so if you require more space when you are not working with it, you can simply put it away in a second for later use. The lyre easel stand can hold up to medium sized canvases and is perfect for oil based medium such as oil paints, acrylic, and many more. 

Meanwhile, if you need to just be in your studio and work with large sized canvases, then H frame easel stand is for you. It is strong, durable, sturdy, and just the perfect frame for energetic artists who do not want any limitation in movement during the working process. Since it is bulky and heavy, it is difficult to fold and store, so make sure that you have a spacious working place for this one. 

If you are more of a watercolor painter, then surely you need an easel stand that can be angled so that the paint won’t run down the surface of paper or canvas. Artists who use water based mediums should consider the tabletop easel because it is just perfect. It can also be used by artists who sketch. The tabletop easel stand is compact, light, and does not take much space. You can bring it anywhere. Some types of tabletop easel stand even come with a storage box so you can easily bring your painting supplies anywhere you want with it. 

A bold artist working with giant canvases? Then it calls for giant easel stand. This easel stand is specifically made for extra large paintings that require an extra sturdy, durable, and strong easel stand to make sure that it is held properly and securely during the work process. 

Whatever type of easel stand that you are getting, make sure that it fits your budget and the requirements that need to be fulfilled during your working process for best comfort.

Ann Andres

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