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Shapes of Company Chop and How to Get One

Company chop has existed for decades. During that time, company chops have been used for many purposes. Since its discovery many years ago, entrepreneurs or businessmen are the numbers of people who require a company chop the most. A company chop with ink can leave an imprint or impression on a document, making it authorized or approved for execution. Thus, even if it is small, it holds a great responsibility.

A stamp that leaves the logo of the company has an important role in declaring the identity of the company itself toward other firms and businessmen through their letters. Thus, even though it is such a small item, you need to consider making your purchase today.

But worry not a company chop does not always get used for things that are serious or formal. A company chop can also be beneficial for many leisure things, such as marking and organizing documents or creating crafts with it.

For its many purposes, company chops come in various shapes. Have you ever wondered about their differences?

1. Round Shaped Stamp

A round-shaped stamp is the most common shape. It can be appropriate for any occasion. A round-shaped stamp has no edges and it has a rather more constricted or limited space due to its shape. Thus, the ability to convey effective messages in a second is really crucial in the working or office world.

2. Rectangular Shaped Stamp

This is also still considered a stamp that is formal and appropriate for business. A rectangular stamp is a lot stiffer compared to the round-shaped stamp. It has strong edges and corners which makes it quite strong looking.

3. Free Shaped Stamp

A free shaped stamp, as the name goes, means that it can come in any kind of stamp you wanted. However, be careful that you shouldn’t give off the wrong image toward the recipient of the message. This can be mistakenly done by overdoing the design of the stamps.

After determining the most ideal shaped stamp for you, you can start making the details of the stamp. Think of what to write and how they are going to be put on your stamp according to the decided shape of the stamp. The design of your company chop in Singapore should not be too difficult to make and be kept simple as much as possible. An overcrowded stamp will only appeal negatively on people.

Once you’ve gotten the ideal design of your company chop, you can quickly start producing it. Find the nearest company chop maker and see if they can meet your quality standard. If there’s none around your area, a lot of manufacturing services are also available on the internet with more information and portfolio to consider before making the decision of using the stamp maker. Find a stamp manufacturer nearest to you and create your order. Everything can be done through the internet, from the consultations, questionings, and payment. After your stamps are produced, they can send it to your address within several days after completion. This is very convenient and easy.

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