• July 21, 2024

Name Cards or Business Cards: 4 Tips When Making Them!

One of the must-have items for professionals and businesses is a name card. Some people might call it a business card since the card is usually used in business situations. Why name cards become a must-have item for professionals and businesses? That is because of the advantage that will be obtained after having and using name cards. Exchanging name cards can enlarge your network, increase your chances of developing your business and professional career, or even create professional impressions. Those are only a few examples of the benefits of using name cards. But despite all the advantages above, many businesses and people tend to use and have name cards because of its manufacturing process is quite simple! But even though the process is quite simple, there are several tips you can follow when making the cards! Here are some of them! 

1. A Few Things About Information and Contacts 

A small card cannot be called a name card or business card without any information and contact in it. So, both things are fundamental aspects of a name card. However, there are a few things to note about the information and contacts on the card, here are a few of them! 

  • The basic information that should put on the card is your personal or business name, occupation or field, company, address, telephone number, mobile number, fax, e-mail, and website (if necessary). 
  • Only the latest information and contacts that should be written on the card. 
  • Avoid any typographical error by doing multiple checking 

2. Show Your Values or Characteristics on Name Card Designs 

Your name card can represent you or your business. Also, the card can be the first impression when introducing yourself or your business formally to others. Because of that, the card can be a way to show values or characteristics of yourself or your business. But how? Through the design, you can convey what kind of impression and characteristics that you want to show to others. That is why you cannot underestimate how important the design is when it comes to making the name cards! 

3. You Can Make It in Two Languages 

Have a business in different countries? Or want to expand your business or career with people from other countries? Then how about making your name card or business card in more than one language? For instance, if you are from Singapore and have a business trip to Japan next month, then you can add Japanese on the other side of your card so that the card can be easily read by someone you will meet at the meeting or event.  

4. The Material and Quality of Printing Determine the Final Look of Your Card! 

The final tip is about materials and print quality. Actually, there are various types of materials that you can choose for your name card. You have two options when choosing the material. First, choose it based on the impression that you want to make. Or second, you make a decision based on your budget! So, you decide between the two options. But for printing, there is no excuse and exception for not to go to a specialist name card printing service such as express name card printing in Singapore to get the best result of print. Is that matter? Sure! Both the material and the printing quality determine the result of your card. So, if you want to represent the best of yourself or your business, having a good print for your name card is absolutely necessary!

Ian Gacek

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