• April 19, 2024

Make Sure That Your Marketing Postcard Stands Out With These 3 Tips

Looking for a different cost effective traditional marketing tool that is affordable? Then a postcard is definitely what you are looking for. Does it sound outdated? 

Even if the answer is yes to you, postcard printing is just as popular as ever since it is used quite a lot for marketing. This proves how effective this tool can be. 

You can also get it quickly as long as you have the design ready. Postcard printing is quick, simple, and cheap. Surely, you don’t want to miss out on this marketing tool. 

To make sure that your marketing using a postcard is effective, here are the important things that guys need to understand. 

1. First Impression Counts 

Obviously, yes. But how to do it with a postcard? You can secure a great first impression by a good design, the right choice of card stock, and proper copy. If you miss this chance, you don’t get another one. 

So, what you have to do is to first come up with a copy that sounds intriguing and convincing so that people can feel interested when they land eyes on the design of your postcard. Next, work the design around the copy that is made. Choose a proper typeface, preferably a bold style, to make your postcard stand out more. Choose colors that support your brand and deliver the impression that you want. Then, pick a premium card stock that is heavier than the normal cardstock for postcard printing for an outstanding postcard. Even though it costs more, it can definitely prove its worth. So, don’t forget to choose a heavier card stock for postcard printing. 

2. Coating 

Complete the look of your postcard with coating. You can choose either the usual coating or UV coating. More people prefer the UV coating because it adds an impressive shine to your postcard. However, when it comes to coating your postcard, you have to consider several things. 

Coated postcards are difficult to write on. Of course, it is easier to print on uncoated postcard. However, the coated postcard look more attractive while the uncoated postcard is dull.  

People tend to settle this problem by coating on one side and leave the other uncoated. The coated part is usually the front part, and the back is left uncoated in case there needs to be something written manually on it. 

3. Make it Irrestistible 

If you want a postcard that works, you need to design one that makes people hold onto it instead of throwing it away within seconds. One of the ways you can do this is by turning the back of your postcard as a coupon that people can bring to your store. They can get their purchase discounted by using the postcard. This is an offer that is hard to resist and it makes people hold onto your postcard. 

4. Print Professionally 

Don’t try to print your postcards at home with an office printer. You won’t get good results from that. So, always work with a printing service that is reputable. With their professional tool, they can work to print you high quality postcards for marketing. 

Ian Gacek

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