• June 13, 2024
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Author: Ann Andres

Ann Andres

Is it Easy to Apply for BPOM for Your Medicine Products in Indonesia?

The overall process is easy, but it takes time. Plus, if you don’t work with someone or an authorized import organization in Indonesia, the process will be longer than expected.  Why is BPOM Certification Important…

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Finding Halal Foods in the USA

Being able to find halal food is a joy for Muslims in the United States, especially in America. Because not a lot of halal food is sold in this area. One of the famous halal…

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Why is it Important for Companies to Apply for HACCP Certification?

Any organization that is involved in the food production industry and wishes to be seen as trustworthy and trade-worthy must, in most instances, implement and maintain a HACCP system that is in full working order.…

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Tips For Designing And Printing Your Thank You Card

Maybe some people think that cards are no longer relevant in this digital era. But do not get it wrong, the use of cards still has an unwritten interest in society. Just imagine if you were…

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The Advantages of Name Card You Might Haven’t Thought About

Name card, although may not sound like a priority for you, is actually a very important business stationery or tool that you should start paying attention to. There are a lot of benefits you can get…

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What You Need to Know About Easel Stands

Working with a quality easel stand is important especially if you are a professional. Indeed, an easel stand can cost quite a lot. But since it is a long term investment, supposedly it is worth…

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