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5 Tips For Better Looking Flyers

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Maybe you’re looking for a low cost advertising alternative due to budget limitations. Maybe you just want to save some money. And in your search for one good marketing and advertising tool that is cheap, you might stumble into the option of distributing flyer printing in Singapore to promote your product or service. Flyers can be great if you can design it the right way to ensure its effectiveness when it reaches people. An ideal flyer should be enticing and able to convey the promotional message in a simple and quick way.

Let’s go over some ways you can make sure that you are designing your flyer in the right way, if you are interested in choosing this alternative for your campaign.

  1. Don’t overdo it

Keeping the design of your flyer light as simple is the way to go. Never overdo your design with unnecessary elements such as overly stylized fonts or irrelevant images. Fonts that are too fancy are usually more difficult to read compared to normal fonts. In some cases, they might even cause misunderstanding. Although they do stand out, they are not a good choice for your flyer design.

Don’t push it with the amount of text or information as well. Always try to come up with a concise way to convey things. People don’t usually spend too much time trying to read and understand your flyer, so make sure that you keep it into a few simple words that are straightforward in delivering their meaning.

  1. Go along with the natural eye flow

There’s a basic rule of the direction people read. In most countries, people read from left to right, and most definitely from top to bottom. According to yours, make sure that the way you arrange the texts on your flyer follows this rule. It is so that people won’t have a hard time trying to find and understand the flow of information. Keeping a good flow for your flyer design can really level up the effectiveness of your design.

  1. Catchy headline

Flyers need to be able to grab attention, and one of the quickest and most impacting ways to do it is by putting an interesting headline as the part that pops out. Try to design it in a bold and large font. However, the looks of it aren’t enough. The context also needs to be interesting enough to reel people in. A good headline does not only lure people to read, but also convince them to learn more about what you have to offer by reading the whole flyer.

  1. Use graphics

Deliver your messages better using simple infographics. These days, it is often used because it really helps to convey a lot of things in such a compact way. It is also especially great to reach the audience who aren’t too keen on reading.

  1. Print in color

Never dismiss the power of color. Don’t try to cut down cost by printing your flyer in monochrome or worse only copy them and distribute. Print each one on good quality paper stock and have them printed in colors, preferably bright and enticing colors to be able to stand out and interest people.

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