• July 21, 2024

5 Reasons Why the Company Stamp Is a Must-Have Item in the Business

Have you ever seen a stamp with the company name, logo, or maybe the registration number is affixed on the document? It is familiar and easy to find, right?  A company stamp is made from rubber, and it is widely used in various areas, including in the business. It is a must-have item for small businesses to big companies. But why should it be owned in a business? To answer that question, here are some reasons behind it! 

1. Authorize Documents 

In a business, there are lots and various types of documents that need to be authorized. It often happens that the signature of the authorized person is not sufficient to make the documents look like officially issued by the company or organization. Because of that, the company stamp is regularly affixed on the documents. That is because the company stamp can be an official sign or symbol of company or organization approval. So, that’s the reason why company stamp become must-have items in a business! 

2. The Printed Document Will Always be Needed 

Even though we are starting an era when the paper is less used, and people choose to make the document in digital format, that won’t make printed documents disappear in a business. A high level of documents usually created in printed form because they must be signed and stamped directly by the authorities. So, the manual company stamp is something that every business needs to be own as the printed document will stay in use forever. 

3. Super Simple to Use 

Almost everyone totally agrees with the statement that the stamp is absolutely simple to use. It can be affixed manually and take only a short time to apply it to documents! But today, technology changes many things in our lives, including in the form of company stamp. You may find by now that some companies inserted their company stamps digitally as on their computer. But there are differences between the two. The digital stamp can be applied only by those who can operate the computers, and of course, you will need a gadget for using that! So, even though a digital stamp is quite popular now, the manual still easier and simpler to use! 

4. Easy to Created 

No, it doesn’t mean that you have to manufacture it by yourself. Unless you have the skills and tools to produce the stamp. The company stamp is easy to create because you can find the rubber stamp maker easily around. The lead time for completing one stamp is quite fast. It can also be finished on the same day when you order it. But keep in mind, please choose the specialist and trusted company stamp maker since their skill and experienced will determine the results of your stamp! 

5. Cheap and Affordable 

How much do you spend on one company stamp? If the average impression that can be produced by one company stamp (self-inking) is more than 1000 impressions. Then you can divide the price by the number of impressions. Each impression has an extremely low price, right? Because the company stamp is cheap and affordable, people still use it until now!

Joseph Fiz

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