• May 22, 2024

3 Important Sticker Designing Tips

If you’re looking for one of the simplest low cost alternatives for marketing, then you should definitely consider printing stickers. Sticker printing in Singapore is versatile and can be designed however you want. You also won’t have to worry too much about the distribution, because it can simply be handed out or be given away along with purchases. Other than that, stickers can also be stuck on various items simply so that you can get more exposure as you introduce your brand to people. Even if it is small, it does not mean that a sticker can be regarded as something insignificant. Simply putting it, there is more than it seems to stickers.

Something that is most important in creating stickers is the designing steps. If a sticker isn’t designed well, it will be difficult for it to be effective in doing its job. So, learn and understand these few tips for a better quality sticker.

1. Consider shape and size

First thing first, you have to know how big you want your stickers are and what shape it comes in. Of course, you are free to choose any shape and size for it as long as it is suitable for the promotion. It is good if you can try to be unique with the shape if it can represent your brand well. Unique stickers really stand out and leave a stronger impression upon people. This way, you can be easier to be remembered by the recipient of the stickers or the ones who see it.

2. Colors

Choosing bright colors for your stickers is one way to make sure that your stickers get the attention it deserves. Bright colors for stickers can really make it stand out even from a distance. Not only the background color, but also the text color. Vivid colored stickers are really hard to miss and this is very beneficial.

However, you have to be careful in choosing colors. Bright colored background can’t go with a color with light contrast as well. It needs to be darker so that it can pop out more and be easily read. You have to be careful in choosing multiple colors for your stickers as well. Make sure that they go well with each other instead of ruining the aesthetic.

3. Bold Typography

As the typography of the sticker is ideally the main attraction of it, it needs to look interesting. A sticker needs to be able to communicate the promotional message in a very simple and effective way. Thus, the ability to come up with an interesting copy becomes really important in designing a sticker. To make it stand out more, you can try designing it in bold so that it will be visible even from a distance. Bold adds emphasis to it and it catches the attention of the reader easy as well. If possible, the content of the sticker already includes a call to action sentence that attracts people to immediately do something after they see it for a more effective promotion.

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